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you hit me like a chocolate bullet

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The Girl...
is 22, living in Singapore. the name's Yanti. i am nice, i am friendly, i am funny - in general. but sometimes i just don't feel like giving a damn, so deal with it. i have grandiose dreams which are probably never going to come true, because the practical side of me will rarely follow through. possibly a little bit OCD, in that i like certain things to be done a certain way because that's how it's supposed to be. dramatic sometimes, because hey, everyone needs a little drama in their lives. also very big on procrastination. randomness is ♥.
Why "Unapproachable"?
this journal was made November of 2001, i.e., when i was an angsty teen. i hated the world, the world hated me. never got a paid account, so the name never changed. now, even if were to get a paid account, i'd be too lazy to change it anyways.
oh yes, i obsess. they change over time, but currently i'm obsessing over Arashi. i have yet to attend my first Arashi concert, but intend to make that happen soon (grandiose dreams!). i used to obsess over McFly, but i've toned down since i started on Arashi. icon-making, too - but that rarely happens now, because of a glaring lack of creativity and loss of interest. photography also used to make me happy but....see a pattern here? oh but i absolute love travelling, and picking up languages. that will never change. really. i think.
grumpiness aside, i'd really welcome new friends. hardly anyone properly updates LJ these days, with real stuff i can read/comment on. if you think you can stand me, and i can stand you - add away.

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